Dog Behaviour Specialist

I can help you to understand your dog’s specific needs and build a more appropriate communication style whilst giving you management advice to keep you and your family safe around your beloved pet.

As a registered veterinary nurse I can work directly with your vet to help unravel medical causes for behavioural issues and support these very common situations. I am a busy working mum and I understand the pressures of managing the complex emotional need of dogs within busy family life.

I offer full consultations to all patients – this includes completion of a questionnaire and an in-depth initial session which is likely to be a minimum 2 to 3 hours long. This can be performed either in-person or virtually via video call.
All consultations offer personalised environmental optimisation advice, training guidelines, emotional management, and therapy recommendations.

A comprehensive report including a behavioural modification plan will be provided following the consultation. All consultations can offer follow up sessions, either at your request or my recommendation which can be in-person or virtual along with a month of Email and WhatsApp support.


All sessions offer 1 month of email and WhatsApp support – see T&Cs for full details

Behavioural Consultation at your home

Behavioural Consultation at your home or via virtual consult UK
wide (2-3 hours).
Within 25 Miles of GL3 privately agreed prior to payment


Package of initial consultations

Package of initial consultation (2-3 hours) and 2 follow ups           (approx. 1 hour).


Follow up visits

(approx. 1 hour).
Within 25 miles of GL3 or privately agreed prior to payment.


30-minute support or training session (subject to availability)

30-minute support or training session at your home or an agreed location, veterinary practice, training field etc.  


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