Cat Behaviour Specialist

As one of only 23 certificated and accredited feline behaviourists in the UK Fab Clinicians. I can help you and your cat by identifying and addressing behavioural issues, such as aggression, scratching, litter box problems, overgrooming, fearful behaviour and abnormal eating patterns along with any of the many other complaints you may be facing.

I have the knowledge and experience to evaluate a cat’s behaviour and work with you to develop a customised plan to address and support the specific issues you are having. 

Your consultation session will be booked in after you have returned the questionnaire to me, so that I can get all of the background information that I need. This will then be held either at your home or virtually and is likely to take two to three hours. It will involve lots of questions and history taking. I will then build you a plan including environmental optimisations, training and behavioural modification techniques. I use only the most up to date, science-based methods. All treatment plans and recommendations are based on thoroughly researched and clinically proven evidence based veterinary medicine.


All feline sessions offer 3 months of email and WhatsApp support – see T&Cs for full details

Behavioural Consultation at your home or virually by web call (if outside of Gloucestershire).

Behavioural Consultation at your home or via virtual consult UK
wide (2-3 hours).
Within 30 Miles of GL3 privately agreed prior to payment


Package of initial consultations

Package of initial consultation (2-3 hours) and 2 follow ups         (approx. 1 hour each).


Follow up visits (in person or virtual)

(approx. 1 hour).
Within 30 miles of GL3 or privately agreed prior to payment.




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