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Debbie has been working with animals for over 20 years as a registered veterinary nurse. With ten years experience of supporting companion animals and their humans with unwanted behaviours she understands the devastating effect that these issues can have upon human relationships and has passion for realigning and repairing these bonds. Utilising only scientific and evidence based methods with a positive and force free methodology, Debbie is available for assessments with you in your home and garden or virtually via video or telephone call. 

Debbie will use all of her experience to draw the information required to support your family in a respectful, friendly and sensitive manner. She will establish a full picture of the situation affecting you and your pets to make sure nothing is left out.  She will then design a behavioural modification plan specific to your situation and will guide you through the restorative process with regular contact and support to ensure you maximise your success and return the equilibrium to your home life.

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