Debbie offers dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig and rat Behaviour consultations 
One to one puppy training support
Accompanied walk sessions
Freework sessions
Nutritional and diet advice in conjunction with veterinary surgeons

Offering full consultations to all patients – this includes completion of a questionnaire and an in-depth initial session which is likely to be a minimum 2 to 3 hours long. It will include environmental optimisation advice, training guidelines, emotional management and therapy recommendations. A comprehensive report including a behavioural modification plan will be provided following the consultation. 

A one to one puppy session can be carried out at your home or in your local park and will take around an hour.

If you are unsure which service or support you need I offer a 15 minute telephone call to help assess your needs and answer any questions.


Behavioural Consultation                                                       £375

Follow up session                                                                      £75

Short behaviour consultation - 60-minute session
Via zoom OR telephone - Rabbits and Rodents only         £145

30-minute support or training session at your home or an agreed location                                                                          £85



Should you need specific support for your horse, bird or reptile, please do get in touch as we have excellent, experienced colleagues in the local  and national area.

Debbie can support your concerns regarding aggression to people or other animals, anxious or fearful behaviour, fear of the vets, other animals or people along with unwanted behaviours such as barking, destroying furniture and inappropriate toileting.

If you are finding that a certain aspect of your pets’ actions is affecting family balance or upsetting the life in general, she can support you with this.

Providing simple and effective training and support solutions designed to fit into busy every day life.



Offering support exercises for veterinary visits including free-work, confidence building,        scent-work and basic husbandry work. 


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