A bit about me

Debbie is a Certificated Clinical animal behaviour consultant and registered veterinary nurse with over 20 years experience working with dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. She is a full member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC) and Association of Animal Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). Also listed as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

Offering behavioural consultations and training solutions for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. Working only via referral from your veterinary surgeon to build a plan designed to support your pet's emotional and behavioural needs and welfare.

Debbie holds a BSC in Veterinary Nursing Science, the Nurses Certificate in Animal Behaviour and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour.  

She attends regular training courses and conferences and was lucky enough to spend two weeks this summer under the direction of Chirag Patel - world renowned animal behaviourist and trainer. 


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